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  • 26 Benches
    charity mission

    When we thought about the pain—the gaping hole this calamity created in so many lives, we at Phoenix Events were compelled to come up with a way in which many small donations could amount to a substantial, practical gift for the people of Newtown, a place of rest and peace in the years ahead.

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  • Come Together
    Sandy Hook Healing Effort

    Our hope is that at least 1,000 people will be willing to donate $26 or more toward this endeavor. One hundred percent of all proceeds (less the Paypal transaction fees) will be sent to the Town of Newtown for the purchase of these benches and engraved plaques, and also to pay for shipping and installation costs.

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  • Intentions
    From The Heartland And Beyond

    26Benches.com was launched in Ohio in January, 2013. It was created to unite citizens of goodwill from around the USA (and perhaps the world) in purchasing 26 Park Benches for The Town of Newtown, Connecticut.

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our mission

We want to offer organization and structure to harness a genuine goodness that is exists in society.

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1000 small Donations of $26 or more will all add up to providing a place for peace in the years ahead for Newtown, Connecticut.

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Please invite others like you to consider this cause. It will not happen without all of us spreading the word.

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Fundraiser Message

Phoenix Events mission “normally” is to organize and host fun, health-enriching community events while raising money for worthy charities.

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Very Inspiring effort... may this gift aid them in the long road ahead...
This truly is inspiring to know so many people want to be part of this Gift to the Citizens of Newtown....

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